Si todavía no tiene una estrategia para Snapchat o Instagram, le conviene pensar en una

Imagen redesYoung readers are news media organisations’ future readers. To survive, leadership needs to embrace social media platforms where they are active and listen to their needs and desires.
What’s new tomorrow? The demands on media leaders of tomorrow to always stay ahead on digital innovations have never been more important.

If you haven’t already considered how your brand would best appear in an app on the new Apple Watch, it’s probably time to start thinking about it now. If you don’t already have a clear strategy of how your brand will use Instagram and Snapchat — not only to distribute and promote your journalism but to turn your presence on these platforms into new revenue streams — it’s time for you to develop a new strategy.


Hand on your heart: Are your sales teams even active on Instagram? Are you? If the answer is no, ask yourself if you can continue to allow yourself and other important parts of your leadership team not to be active on these growing social media platforms.

To be honest, Instagram and Snapchat are two of the important shopping windows when it comes to finding brands you trust and relate to for tomorrow’s media consumers.

If you are not even here at all, how do you expect the average teenager to relate to your brand? His or her media habits most definitely include the morning, lunch, afternoon, and evening (and more) routine of checking in and going through the regular swipes to find interesting stories on these social media forums.

My first management position was not unlike many other youths across the globe as a manager at McDonald’s. Two key factors to success I will never forget came from the job.

The first was from a stone in the manager’s room, which had the following inscription:

Two rules:

The costumer is always right.

If the costumer is not right, please check rule No. 1 again.
Plain and simple. Apply those words to your feature media consumer audience. If they choose to be active on Instagram and Snapchat, well, then they are probably right. How can you meet them there and attract their interest?

That’s the question you should be asking yourself.

The second key success factor I recall from my years as a part of the McDonald’s management team is: The children are our VIP costumers. Earn their loyalty when they are kids, and they will stay with you for life.

So, translated into media management, in what way does your brand connect to kids? Honestly, children have never been so active in their media consumption.

More than half of Sweden’s 4-year-old children use an iPad every day. It’s not the parents who choose what children’s books their kids will consume. The children have taken over the power of what media they will consume.

Are you there for them as an option? Or are they left to YouTube sensations who are the same age as them?

My question: What is your Happy Meal for your younger audience – also known as your future audience?

“Sorry, we can’t afford a new children’s section online,” you might say with a big sigh.

My question: How can you afford not to?