Reaching the decision maker

Key takeaways

Some 94% of main grocery buyers read newspaper media every month.
2 million household decision makers responsible for buying financial products read a print or digital newspaper in the last four weeks.
9 million business decision makers read newspaper media last month.
Some 30% of commercial vehicle buyers read newspaper motoring sections.


Influencing decision-makers is key to successful selling. Persuading the individual who makes the final decision to buy a product or service is paramount to lifting sales.

emma data indicates newspaper media can help marketers engage purchase decision makers at home and at work via print and digital platforms.

Home rule

When it comes to household decision making, emma shows who’s the boss.

Figures show that women make the final call when it comes to food and finance. Some 55 per cent of females choose which food brands come into the home and 52 per cent pick the family’s financial products.

Men are more likely to select the household service providers. Some 54% of males decide on ISP and telco providers (54%) and utility providers (57%).

Influence their decision

emma data shows that these household decision makers are avid readers of newspaper journalism in print and digital formats.

Some 94% of main grocery buyers read newspaper media in the last four weeks. That’s why grocery retailers and FMCG brands regularly use newspapers for brand campaigns and tactical advertising. For more information on how newspapers reach grocery buyers, click here.

Some 12.2 million consumers responsible for selecting household financial products read a print newspaper in the past month. An average of 3.3 million finance decision makers read a newspaper finance section each month. To find out more about how newspaper influences household finance decision makers, click here.

emma shows telco brands can reach target consumers who select home internet and telephone providers via newspaper digital platforms. Some 10 million consumers who make the final call on telco accessed newspaper journalism via PC or mobile platform in the last four weeks.

Straight to business

Data indicates that business-to-business marketers can use newspaper media to engage company decision makers. Latest emma figures show that 2.9 million business decision makers read newspaper media last month.

C-suite executives are avid readers of newspaper journalism, particularly business and finance sections. Some 56 per cent of CEOs and 41 percent of business owners are regular readers of these sections. For more information on how Australia’s business elite use newspapers, click here.

Business decision makers who source the company’s transport fleet are a key target for auto brands.

emma figures indicate that newspaper motoring sections offer the perfect environment to engage with company auto buyers. Some 30% of company vehicle buyers read a newspaper in the past four weeks and are 31% more likely to read newspaper motor section than the general public. For some more emma data on the power of newspaper motoring sections, click here.

Commercial property sellers can connect with those responsible for their business’s real estate and office fit through community newspapers. Some 45% of business property decision makers read a community newspaper at least once a month.

Brands across a range of categories can influence their purchase decisions by advertising in print and digital